Would you like to strengthen and enrich the contents of your books with the technology – offered facilities?

We transfer your contents in a fast and qualified way into the digital medium.

We develop the contents and / or the gains you wish, such as video, animation, voice, photography, graphics, tables, maps, electronic examinations applications, simulations, and interactive applications.

Integrating the contents developed with our “z-Book” software, we prepare an interactive electronic book.

Every phase of “z-Book” preparation process has been materialized by our education – referenced team composed of content specialists, visual designers, video and animation design professionals and developers.

In addition to the e-contents inserted by a “z-Book” into the pages of book, the requested page can be reached on the books, drawings can be made on the desired page in any color desired, notes can be added to the requested page, search can be made for any word or group of words inside the book, pages can be enlarged and reduced, the desired page can be added to frequently used pages and all these features can be saved and seen again and reshaped accordingly.

Owing to “z-Book” software, there is no need to use any software when being used together with a PC or smartboard.

The contents developed and “z-Books” configured are being prepared considering the preparation / examination criteria of e–content (electronic content) and “z-Book” (enriched book) of education programs determined by Ministry of National Education and taking as basis of Education and Training Board – prepared curriculums.