MOTTO always produces the best and the newest solution by transferring the qualified business experience it has developed into its own development since 2013.

Having successfully integrating the artistic / technical production processes that are independent from each other, under its training roof such as screenplay and storyboard software, video, animation, pictorial presentation (illustration), graphics, sound, software, MOTTO has an accelerated and qualified production process.

MOTTO prepares, develops and publishes effective and high-quality electronic content (e-Content). Up to date, it has produced learning objects above 10.000 each.

Moving from the vision of using qualified technology in education, we, as MOTTO have been introducing innovative products. For different levels from preschool up to higher education; we carry out an in-depth analysis for the requirements of every each customer and then we present exclusive solutions accordingly.

By rapidly digitalizing your published or non-published contents, we strengthen and enrich them with any element in line with your request such as video, animation, voice, photographs, graphics, tables, maps, electronic examination applications, simulations, interactive applications. We transform all these electronic contents (e-Content) drawn up into sales or promotion – purpose electronic products as to be operable in desktop computers (PC), smart boards, smart phones and tablets.

We convert your electronic contents (e-Content) into a state which shall online or offline function (LMS, portal, web site and mobile application). We are actualizing integration of your electronic contents (e-Content) after transforming them into Learning Management System compatible.

How We Do?

On one side while closely following up the technology and training standards in the world, on the other hand, MOTTO rapidly adapts these technologies and standards to its work processes.

Whereby, it has aimed at becoming the Market leader in its sector. Together with our team who are education – certified and specialists in their fields, the projects are being exclusively as per needs of individual customers. In application process, following accomplishments are performed:

Content development methods whose success has been internationally – recognized are being employed.

The customer may be involved at the project preparation phase – determined control processes.

Customer is able to follow up work processes it was involved in from Internet.

In this way, we have been achieving the customer satisfaction we aim at by realizing the requested product in requested quality and requested leadtime.

Every stage of our electronic content (e-Content) production process has been materialized by our education – referenced team consisting of the content specialists, educators, visual designers, video and animation design professionals and programmers.

While implementing the successful and worldwide – proven content development methods, MOTTO keeps on widening its service portfolio in order to satisfy the requirements of its growing panel of customers.