Moodle LMS

Moodle LMS Development

We specialize in developing content-centric websites using Moodle technology. Our designers create impressive products and can help bring your ideas to life.

Moodle Web Design and Theme Development

Great design is not just about appearance; it's also about functionality. We deliver clean-designed websites focused on usability. A comprehensive set of UI/UX design principles is an integral part of the development process. We take pride in designing and creating custom themes that enhance the look and user experience of your Moodle sites. Our experienced developers utilize web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP to deliver designs that are responsive, visually appealing, and aligned with your brand identity. Our websites are fully responsive and pixel-perfect with no coding errors.

Custom Moodle Development

With our custom Moodle LMS development, we address the specific needs of your customers and users by customizing the core system with unique features, modules, and plugins. If your Moodle website requires additional capabilities, we create custom modules tailored to your unique project and enhance your Moodle functionality with new features. Committed to creating websites that win your customers' approval, we provide custom module development that adheres to the highest coding standards, ensuring effective, extendable, maintainable, and debuggable code. Our goal is sustainable coding with a personalized approach.

Moodle Mobile Application Development and Customization

The Moodle Mobile App, an extension of your Moodle LMS, enables students to access courses from anywhere. This custom app provides learning for iOS and Android, allows offline access, and synchronizes your data with your Moodle platform. It offers comprehensive analytics, push notifications, and enhances your brand. We assist in setting up developer accounts for app store releases. Hosting on enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure ensures GDPR-compliant storage, providing a seamless and secure learning experience.

Moodle Custom Reporting

We develop custom reports for you, allowing you to easily retrieve their outputs and track dynamics with graphics.

Moodle API Integration - Connect Your Applications with Moodle

We offer custom Moodle API integration services for educational technology companies looking to enhance compatibility with the widely-used learning management system. Our experienced developers design a custom PHP extension for seamless integration of your product with any Moodle environment. Our expertise in Moodle API integration ensures a unified and efficient learning environment for schools and users, offering a fluent learning experience. Our team's proficiency in integrating Moodle with third-party software and services provides a cohesive and productive learning environment.

Moodle Performance Optimization

Focusing on performance optimization and efficiency, our Moodle development services enhance the overall user experience on your platform. By implementing database query optimization, caching strategies, and industry best practices, we deliver a seamless and satisfying learning experience for your users.

Moodle Support

We are committed to quickly identifying, diagnosing, and resolving any issues in the Moodle system. Our development team collaborates with other developers for code debugging, reviewing logs, and successfully resolving complex problems.

Moodle Maintenance

We keep your Moodle installations up-to-date with updates, security patches, and bug fixes, performing version upgrades and compatibility tests.