LMS Development

As a definition, LMS (Learning Management System) is the abbreviation for Learning Management System. With the LMS service we can provide you;

  • User e-Content Presentation
  • Tracking of Learning - Teaching Processes and Results
  • Reporting of Results
  • Education Management

The benefits that LMS will provide can be summarized briefly as;

  • Contribution to the success levels of schools, teachers, and students
  • Scaling of teaching and learning processes and results
  • Measurement and evaluation
  • Process and result reports
  • High speed and low cost
  • A new customer profile: "PARENT"
  • A new and flexible sales channel
  • Support for the promotion and sales of all products
  • e-Exam: High speed, low cost
  • Access from anytime and anywhere
  • Contribution to sales strategy with advanced reporting system
  • Feedback on learning objects