As a definition LMS (Learning Management System) is the abbreviated form of Learning Management System in English language. Owing to the LMS service we are going to give you, you shall be able to carry out following operations:

  • e-Content Presentation to the User
  • Learning - Teaching Process and Follow ups of Outcomes
  • Reporting the Outcomes
  • Training Management

As for the benefit to be furnished by LMS are briefly condensed as follows;

  • Contribution to achievement levels of schools, teachers and students
  • Scaling of the teaching and learning processes and results
  • Measuring and evaluating
  • Process and outcome reports
  • High speed and low cost
  • A new customer profile: "GUARDIAN"
  • A new, flexible sales channel
  • Promotion and sales support for all products
  • e-testing: high speed, low cost
  • Access at any time and medium
  • Advanced reporting system – assisted contribution to sales strategy
  • Learning aids – related "feedbacks".